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Perhaps the greatest commitment to improving... the Private Lesson.


It is our belief that the Private Lesson should be used in conjunction with the Summer Academy as opposed to a replacement for it.  There is no substitution for the 14 sessions over the summer.


However, there is a high value to Privates.  The individual attention from the coach.  The insane number of touches in a short period of time.  Learning how to maximize what the athlete's position demands!


All Privates are 45 minutes in length.


We allow Privates to be shared (up to four athletes).


Costs of Privates:


$65- 1 Athlete

$40- 2 Athletes

$30- 3 Athletes

$25- 4 Athletes


There is a 15% discount for those who schedule (and complete) 3 Privates.


As there are so many variables for Privates, they are scheduled on a case by case basis upon availability.  Select the button below to send an e-mail to reserve your spot.


If the above button does not function in your browser, send an e-mail to

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