These fees are based on a normal year.  Though it is our desire to run a "Normal" season.  Everyone knows that these are normal times!  If events are canceled, we will refund all money that is refunded to us as well as non used (refunded) practice time.


Solar teams are for the committed player only!  Teams practice twice per week.  These teams will compete in 12-14 Play Dates.  A National Qualifier (3 more days).  Attendance at the qualifier is mandatory!   These teams will typically compete in the Badger Region Power League.  Some teams will choose to attend Nationals.  

Club dues: $1235


NOTE:  At this time, the U13 and U16 Solar team is planning on attending a National event in Late June.  There will be an additional charge (About $550) that will include the extra two months of practices, tournaments, coach travel and gifts for other teams).  Please note that we are a MUCH better value than many of our competitors!

Note #2:  The U15 team will be adding additional playdates that may adjust the final cost.

U13-U16 GIRLS' LUNAR & TITAN TEAMS (2's & 3's) 

Lunar teams practice twice per week.  These teams will compete in 9-11 Play Dates tournaments regionally.  

Club dues: $975


This is where the 5th and 6th graders start their Club journey!

Practices twice per week and will compete in 5-7 tournaments regionally, but will not go to National Qualifier.

Club dues: $675